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Tribute to the Maiden

A tribute to the Maiden

(based on and inspired by a poem by Dr CP Estes)

We were taught as girls to never approach the altar as though we had a right to step onto it. We were not to be caught standing on the altar because we were born beautiful split-tail birds, instead of unicorns.

Yes. That was why.

We were taught to always kneel and kiss the golden ring of the silk robed bishop and call him 'your eminance' and other titular names. And to never,

as our elders

taught, look a higher-up in the eyes.

Yes. That was why; we were to know our place.

We were taught to never touch the sacred objects the ciboreum, the chalice, the holy water vessel, never to touch and carry the Essence of the One praised by all that gold and crystal

and jewels inlaid often. We were not worthy by reason of our birth.

Yes, we would accept we were 'the untouchables' in a bewildering [to me] caste system that insisted the urogenitourinary system was far more important than a Heart filled with Love.

And then I went to mass in the desert,

and was called Woman-running-with-wolves by the men and women that lived there,

and the girls dressed in crimson skirts that brushed against the Earth as they danced barefooted,

every footfall a beat on the drum from which all life had sprung

and after, I gathered in the church with all the women and girls,

our hearts leading our protest

urging the rain to fall,

in a song that would wet the dry land

And something broke up in me,

Broke down

Broke free

And when it was my turn I stood upon the mesa

Hair flying in the wind,

Toes curling in the sand,

Eyes squinting under the sunlight,

And my clothes made ragged crackling sounds

It was there that I melted every manmade shackle,

Burnt every binding rope

And called out with all my might,

I am Maiden,

Sexual woman,

Adventurous woman,

And I create with God!!!

And since then my life has never been the same,

I am Maiden,

Sexual woman,

Adventurous woman,

And I create with God!!!

No altar needed

No book

No roof

The sacred heart had told my story

And it tells each story true

For every one of us

At last I knew my place

And what it truly means to be Maiden,

A woman who runs with the moon, sun and stars

Creator of the,

With the,

In the,



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