• Tina

The poem women whisper at midnight

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Photo by Eileen Ayers

It has been said that women are the weaker sex,

That our dispositions more prone to mental and emotional instability,

That our wombs are the source of all that is wrong with the world.

The term hysteria comes from the Greek word hysterika, meaning Uterus.

They claim that they can see the woman in the Earth

And that men are in the sun

And that she grows new life at the mere touch of his yellow fingers,

So he has the right to claim it.

Woman is the empty vessel that needs filling,

That is all they say we are.

Fill our wombs,

Our minds with who you think we should be,

Our mouths with what you think we should speak.

They say that when we menstruate we are dirty

That after we give birth we are unclean,

Placenta and blood.

Hide them away like they don't exist.

And woman shouldn't have sex or she is tainted,

Woman shouldn't not have sex or she is broken.

Being a woman is dirty,




It is said that women are afraid of nature,

That we fear the wolves that guard the city walls,

That if we walk far enough into the forest we will get lost.

Because wildness is unbecoming in a woman.

How will she ever find a husband?

It is believed that women are the carriers of original sin,

That we brought evil into the world,

That we can corrupt the greatest of men,

That our power is insidious, hideous, downright bad.

Well let me tell you what it is that is said also.

It is said that people fear what they do not understand,

It is believed that people will attack what they think has a power greater than their own,

That the oppressor will do anything to suppress an uprising,

That if you have to lay down the law with violence,

you were never in charge to begin with.


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