You deserve to live like the wind

My spiritual path is my own. It is called the-way-of-the-one-who-lets-go.

There’s only one rule on this path, and that is that you,

Let go
Let live and let die.

I know now, when to give up. For I have lived wild like the wind, and I have fallen like the rain and I have burned with the sun.

I’ve grown roots as yew trees grow roots. 
Desperate and unruly but with a target in mind.
Blind, I’ve felt around in darkness, under the cold Earth and in places where it is too lonely to breed love.

But burn I did anyway,
And twirled roots around dead things and brought them up to the surface, too afraid to let go.
Until I realized that holding on wouldn't raise him from his deep sleep,
And squeezing him tighter wouldn't make him wake.

For he is dozing in his peaceful slumber and my burning sun can’t touch him.
My cries on the wind are muffled to his ears.

You said it was unnatural, dear sister, for him not to love you back, for him not to comfort you in your hour of need. That it was unnatural to have such a lack of compassion as he showed you time and time again.

But what is more unnatural?

For a cherry tree to retain its blossoms in a hurricane?

Or a leaf to stay green in a snow storm?

Or an apple to cling to its branch and ignore the voice calling it home?

Things die sister.
Things die.

And some things never grew to begin with.

So be like the wise Earth, blessed one, and welcome the winter.

Because you deserve to live like the wind.

Walk in Epping forest today #nature #god