Sacred Feminine 

My name is Tina and I write poems to honour the divine feminine. 

I published my book of poems and affirmations with the idea that they would act as poems of remembrance for women. Poems of remembrance are a call for all women everywhere to reconnect to their divine feminine power. Their purpose is to trigger ancient memories that lie deep within you to remind you of who you truly are. They ask that you accept the dark with the light, the highs with the lows. For they are all part of being the holy, sacred woman that is YOU. You can check it out here.

Feel free to read a few poems here. This is a space for you to be witnessed and held in love for whatever you may be feeling and experiencing. Your voice matters and I am here to listen.

Photographs throughout site taken by E.Ayers & J.Sihkder

She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water.jpgShe knows nothing of border
I think with the mind of God ❤️ #ACIM #ACIM #acourseinmiracles #pray #godwithin #spiritual